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We repair all brands of residential washing machines, top and front loaders.

There are many washer brands and styles available today, front load and top load. All operate on the whirlpool sears washersame four basic principles. Fill, agitate, drain and spin.

Fill- hot, warm, cold fill. Is the water filling fast enough and to the proper level?

Agitate- the actual ‘wash’ cycle.

Drain- until the water drains, the machine wont spin, or in some cases wont unlock or will shut down the control system. Many washer problems are associated with draining. The washer must drain quickly and completely.

Spin- spin is accomplished by centrifugal extraction which removes the water from the clothes by squeezing them against the inner tub wall. The water continues to be removed by the pump during the entire spin cycle. Washers that don’t spin well finish the wash cycle too wet.


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